Become an Idaho Contractor

How to get an Idaho Contractors License

Become a Contractor in Idaho State in Five Easy Steps

Idaho contractors license requirements & how to get a contractor license:

Step One: Get your General Liability Insurance Quote

Contractors Insurance NW can issue easy general liability insurance approvals.

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Step Two: Register your Business with the State & Get your FEIN

If you are forming a Corporation or LLC, click here. (link best viewed on desktop)

If you are forming a Sole Proprietorship or Partnership click here.

Get your EIN Number Here


Step Three: Issue your General Liability Insurance

Call us toll free at 1-925-448-2578 to issue your bond and insurance policy.

One of our highly trained, knowledgeable Contractor Insurance Specialist can get you your paperwork to become registered with over 90% of our carriers the same day you call, when you call before 12pm.


Step Four: Fill out your Contractors License Application

Click here to obtain your Contractors License Application


Step Five: Visit the Bureau of Occupational Licenses or mail your application with a $30.00 Fee

700 West State Street
PO Box 83720 
Boise, Idaho 83720-0063 
Phone: (208)-334-3233 
Fax: (208) 334-3945

All Done? Get Bid Opportunities

Finished with the steps above and ready for some new bid opportunities?

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